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Magic in Nebraska

Get mesmerized with the exceptional and experienced magician in Nebraska.

Make Your Events Magical

Hello! I am John Sheibal, a magician who can perform several magic tricks for your corporate events, kid’s parties, entertainment events, and more. I have performed across Nebraska and Iowa.

John Sheibal

Engaging & Entertaining Audience

I have over 30 years of experience as a magician and make sure to keep my audience engaged and entertained.

My magic tricks are not typical, and they mesmerize the audience and help them have a great time and get wowed.

Membership & Recognition

My experience in the entertainment business has brought me immense recognition and helped me gain memberships in several communities and societies.

  • Johnny Impossible

    Omaha Magical Society

  • Johnny Impossible

    The Society of American Magicians

Johnny Impossible
John Sheibal

Unique Tricks

I am a strolling magician with unique tricks that have originality and freshness in it. My interactions with guests or audience are professional in nature. I am here to make your special day even more memorable.

People who are looking to redefine their special events can drop a line to me.